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They include:

Your Report

A Home Select Inspections report is your home reference manual for as long as you own the home. For this reason, I only use full narrative format electronic reporting systems. The electronic report allows me to provide a concise, legible and comprehensive narrative of my findings while including digital photos that I take during the inspection process. This way, you can see exactly what I am reporting on, while you read the report. Additionally, this format provides the opportunity to insert web addresses (URL's) to more information that can be directly accessed from your electronic report, and it includes pertinent and informative recommendations on maintenance and other issues. This gives you the best value for your home inspection dollar.

These are also the reasons I prefer not to provide on-site reports. However, you will receive a summary of the findings at the completion of the inspection with emphasis on any items of concern (generally safety related) or expensive repair requirements. These are the items that you need to know in order to finalize your decision on the home purchase. Your completed electronic report will be delivered to your supplied e-mail address within 48 hours. You will receive your optional non-electronic report in the same time or longer, depending on delivery location (within Canada).

Once completed, you will receive your report access by e-mail and have immediate access. You can save the report to your computer and e-mail to family, friends, insurance agent, etc., as well as print a copy if you desire. In the event you do not have e-mail access, I will provide you with a paper copy or a copy on CD, at no additional cost.

Click here for an example of a report.

This sample report was created using the Carson and Dunlop HorizonĀ© report system. I also use other systems as required.

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